Welcome to the Training Center for IUOE Local 501: Southern Nevada

Our mission has been and continues to be to provide highly skilled, safe, and productive operators and stationary/facilities engineers to the stationary, construction, and environmental industries.

IUOE training programs are second to none, where apprentices and journey-level members hone or advance their skills. Our members have access to training on virtually every topic stationary engineers need to become their very best.

Over the years, IUOE local 501 has developed and implemented comprehensive training programs that are widely recognized as the best in a number of industries. Our aim is to train Apprentice Engineers, certify Journeymen Engineers, and maintain a world class workforce.

Additionally, the Local 501 Training Fund offers a broad range safety and health training for members. With support under Federal cooperative agreements and grants, our HAZMAT Program provides state-of-the-art OSHA and HAZWOPER (hazardous materials) courses and training materials to members.

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International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 501

Local 501 is a team of united members who tirelessly strive to protect the rights, wages and benefits of working people. Through our enthralling commitment to all Unionists we will grow and conquer the labor workforce.

If you would like more information on the union or becoming a union member, please visit the IUOE Local 501 union website.


International Union
Of Operating Engineers Local 501
313 Deauville Street
Las Vegas, NV 89106-3912

Telephone: (702) 385-5005
Facsimile: (702) 385-3255