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Welcome to IUOE Local 501

IUOE Local 501 was formed in 1953 from the merger of several regional Local Unions. Since its humble beginnings Local 501 has grown to be one of the largest Stationary Engineer Locals in the United States.  Over the decades our Local has established itself as a pillar of highly trained, multi-skilled trade Unionists throughout the Labor Movement and Community. We take pride in not only representing a diverse group of individuals, but also helping our members continue to advance its skills through training and acquiring the knowledge necessary to advance themselves throughout their career.
Our Union represents a wide variety of Stationary Operating Engineers in Southern California and Southern Nevada. Representing State of California employees, hospitals, hotels, high-rise buildings, manufacturing plants, casinos and dairies to name a few.
By becoming a member of Local 501 you have begun the first steps in gaining security, skills, and opportunities for yourself and your family. We hope that you will take an active role in your Union and participate in many of the activities and meetings we hold throughout the year. The officers and membership of the Local Union welcome you.
We offer our best wishes for your continued success. 

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