Dispatch Portal Registration for Employers

To hire an Apprentice, contact the Training Center at JATC-LAInfo@local501.org.

For access to Local 501’s Dispatch Portal download, print and complete the Employer Dashboard Access form here. Once you have filled it out and scanned it to a pdf file; email it to dispatch@local501.org

Once processed, an email with the Employer# and associated Zip Code will be sent along with instruction to return to Local 501’s website to complete the registration process.  Please allow up to 72-hours to receive email.

To Register or Reset Password for the Employer Dashboard (You Must Use a Computer or Laptop):

  1. Select Register in the top right corner
  2. Select Employers 
  3. Select Register/Forgot Password
  4. Enter Email    
  5. Enter Employer # 
  6. Enter Zip Code

An activation link will be sent to your email to activate your account. Note: The activation link expires within 4-hours. Be sure to check your junk/spam mail for link.

On the Employer Dashboard:

  1. Create and Save Password
  2. Select New Dispatch Request
  3. The system defaults to the primary contact listed for the employer. Update the contact information to your information
  4. Enter required fields (position, wage rate, etc.,)
  5. If you would like the job opening to post on OE501’s website for direct application, enter link in the designated field
  6. Select Save

Resumes will populate that match the criteria listed in the Dispatch Request and may be viewed by scrolling down or selecting the Candidates/Resumes tab. 

To narrow or broaden search, use additional filters located next to “Candidates/Resumes” section.

It is the Employer’s responsibility to contact candidates during, and in, the hiring process.  

Once selection has been made:

  1. Select Hired Tab in Candidate Information Sheet
  2. Close Dispatch Order
  3. Send an email advising of new hire to the following dispatch@local501.org and to staff@oelocal501benefits.org.

Should you have any questions contact the Dispatch Team at dispatch@local501.org